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Ideas and Techniques for Painting Your Home

Painting your home is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to redecorate. Not only is it easy to do yourself, but with a bit of creativity when it comes to your painting techniques, you can create a wide variety of different paint effects to add some real visual interest. As always when deciding to go ahead with a redecorating project, there's certain things you need to decide before you start so that you can be sure you'll be happy with the final result.


People often figure that color is the hardest part of painting, but it's actually quite simple, once you understand a few basic rules. There are a great many different tools available online to help you choose a color palette, and at that point it really comes down to personal taste as to how you actually apply the palette. Just remember that darker colors create a moody and sophisticated look, but should be used sparingly or else the room becomes too dark, and bright colors create a happy vibrant look, but can easily clash and cause serious eyestrain if you're not careful.

Texture Patterns

Texture Patterns are tough to use well when you're painting, and if you're not careful, you can wind up with a room that's too busy for comfort's sake. Every additional line you add to your design adds visual interest, but that includes the lines in patterns. Use patterns sparingly for the best effect.

Texture patterns can have a huge impact on the perception of the color: They also allow you more freedom with a certain color, because having smooth shiny surfaces in one color will contrast delicately with rougher styles in the same color, while still harmonizing with them. Just remember that a roughly textured paint surface will hold dirt like nothing else, and be very difficult to clean. If you have small kids, stay away from this plan.


When most people think about contrast, they think of colors, but contrast goes far deeper than that, because it can be applied to any of the other basic design principles. High contrast creates a lot of visual tension, drawing attention to the objects that are contrasting.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

This is one question we get asked a lot by our readers, so we developed this handy paint calculator to help you figure out how much paint you need to buy to properly cover your walls. If you're willing to spend a few minutes with the calculator, you can be sure to only buy as much paint as you really need.

*Usually you can expect 1 gallon of paint to cover about 350 square feet. Slightly more than a gallon is needed if the walls are unpainted drywall, in which case they absorb more of the paint.

Painting a Wooden Gate

The entry way to your home is always set up by the gate. It is often adorned with flowers or ivy. But the gate itself invites curiosity to every visitor to your house. When you have a wooden gate, you have to paint it with water-proof paint to keep it looking fresh. This post will give you a step-by-step process on how to do it.

First, you have to lay a plastic sheet under the fence. It should be large enough to protect the sidewalk or grass on either side of the fence. Keep the plastic steady with bricks or rocks.

Next, get rid of any dirt and mildew build-up by washing up the gate. Scrape off any loose paint with a scraping tool or sandpaper. Make sure to keep all sanding dust off before putting the primer.

Then, tape the hinges of the gate with a painter’s tape or a regular masking tape. This is to cover the hinges.

Before painting the wood, be sure to treat it with a clear, water-repellent preservation stain. The pre-treat locks the wood in moisture. This ensures the durability of the final paint layer.

Now, you can apply a coat of primer paint. You may do this with a small or medium handheld paintbrush. Primers often come in clear or white stain. You may apply them once or twice to make sure it fills all rough edges. Wait for it to dry for about 24 hours.

Then, prepare an outdoor in the color of your choice and a paint roller or large brushes to fully paint the gate. Roll the pain smoothly and efficiently. You may use a small detail paintbrush to cover hard-to-reach places. The paint usually dries overnight. To make sure that it will not be ruined by rain, cover it carefully with a trap.

Beautifying your home with an Outdoor Fountain

Beautifying your home with an Outdoor FountainWhen constructing a garden space around your home, one of the first things you would remember is putting up an outdoor fountain. This is true if you want to add sophistication and elegance into your garden. For feng shui believers, a fountain is a must-have to create balance and nurture luck in your area. But to achieve any of those goals, you must be able to choose the right style and design that will also suit the style of your home. For this water feature, here are the available designs:

The Classic

Do you love the look and feel of classic architecture? Then, you will be faced with a wide array of options. The most common are based on European motifs in bas relief. Example of such are fleur-de-lis and lion heads. You will also find other options like cherubs, urns, angels, shells, and dolphins.

Gothic, Medieval and Religious

If you prefer those that depict the gothic style, you’ll find water features such as gargoyle bas reliefs. Medieval styles offer shields, rampant lion, flowers, and many others. If you want to make it a religious sanctuary, you may also go for those that contain the Ten Commandments and other Biblical verses.

Modern Art

If you’re living in a modern art house, your garden area will look best with abstract art, modern sculpture, and abstract art. All these will help you create a modern, sleek, and relaxing outdoor space.

Material Choices

Apart from those designs, you will also have to consider the materials from which the outdoor wall fountain will be constructed. Probably the best option is natural stone as it does fade away with water. You may also consider other options such as pebbles, bronze, polished river rocks, and resin.

Whatever design or material you choose, be sure you know what you want.

Your Roof Allowing its Longevity

Painting Your Roof Allowing its LongevityOne efficient way to extend the life of your room is by covering with a coat of acrylic paint the asphalt shingles. Roofs with double layers of shingles, in many cases, can be painted by the homeowner by just investing an affordably cheap cost.

Acrylic roof paint is not the same as acrylic paint used on the peripheral of homes. Acrylic roof paint contains more plastic material than the standard wall paint. Simply, it is of higher quality and can sustain the penetration of the pinnacle conditions. Roof paint must not be thinned with water since it is of thicker texture as it is usual to go a little more time. The paint can be rolled or brushed on. The roller will allow you for a faster cover. However, a roller can build up linking the gaps of the shingles. On the other hand, brush application will take you longer but gives a healthier seal of your covering. Despite the longer time you needed for brushing, it still worth the effort since it effectively works on smaller cracks and crevices.

The selection of colors is a benefit of applying cover paint. The surface to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned and dried up before applying paint on it. By such, you can ensure the prolonged existence of the cover. Once the shingles are cleaned, you may be surprised as to its condition. There are many products available in the market to clean it.

However, for any possible reason, extreme caution must be practiced when dealing on a roof.

Tips in Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Tips in Painting Kitchen CabinetsPainting kitchen cabinets is a simple task like any painting job. However, there has to be a lot of time utilized to getting the surface set to allow the paint. A brighter make-over does not actually mean replacing the depressing boxes with new cabinets. As long as your cabinets are structurally fine, you can wipe them up and apply new paint. The things you need are just sandpapers, strong cleaner, paintbrush, paint, and a little prod grease. This does not require you to invest lots of money. The makeover will just charge you a little bit of even the cheapest cabinets.

The most imperative stage in the process is cleaning. Your cabinets may have a layer of grime that restrains paint adhesion caused by cooking splatters and greasy fingerprints. After a thorough cleaning, you have to rough it up with some sandpaper to facilitate the paint bond.

To obtain a glassy surface, use a “high build” sandable primer. The primer you apply can make the conclusion. The sandable portion of the equation is vital in smoothing the surface before applying the paint on coat. Two coats of primer will do better to entirely fill up the grain.

The finish paint that you’ll be using greatly adds to the even appearance of the cabinets. Painting cabinets for a high-traffic area such as kitchen conventionally required using paints that are oil-based. But dealing with oils can be untidy and chaotic. The fumes of oil are also toxic. Latex formulas intended for cabinetry will do extremely well. It will create a durable, even finish. They also do not contain high organic compounds which let you freed from a noxious smell.

Paint a feeling in your bedroom

Paint a feeling in your bedroomIn today’s generation, colors already evoke new meanings. These colors are meant to suggest the personality or the emotions of the person. But with a lot of colors available, you tend to confuse yourself with what color will truly match you. This is also true when we are deciding to paint color in our house, especially in our bedroom.

The bedroom is said to be our personal abode. This means that everything inside it are connected to us personally, evoking our emotions. The choice of paint color for the bedroom is also significant, in order to have a reflection of your personality. Choosing and deciding for the right paint color for your bedroom can be very confusing, as well as time-consuming. To help you pick the right ones, here are some of the color combinations that might be perfect for you and your bedroom.

Rustic and Earthy | If you want to go for an earthy feel room, then you might want to combine indoors and outdoors by highlighting an accent wall with a textured dark green paint color. Paint the rest of the walls with a rustic beige paint color. If you want to have that rustic feel, then paint the walls with pine yellow color and combine it with dark wooden furniture. Another option is to paint an accent wall with fiery orange color and the rest with neutral beige color.

Vibrant and Funky | For boys who want a vibrant feel in their rooms, a paint of turquoise blue with a dash of silver is a good choice. You may want to have an accent wall painted with turquoise blue. Your accessories such as bean bags, cushion covers, and lampshades should have silver color to match the accent wall. Keep your bedroom furniture black and white. For girls, for a funky feel of the room, a good choice would be a combination of hot pink, black, and white paint colors. You can paint an accent wall with hot pink and paint the rest with black and white. You can add in zebra prints for an ultimate jazz up.

Maximizing a Kid’s Room

Maximizing a Kid’s Room One primary dilemma in a kid’s room is a cramped kind of room. If you’re a parent, then it would be smart if you take actions that may help your child free from unhappiness and mess. It is also said that a cramped room may result to an unhappy and messy child. This page will give you additional tips for you to have a room comfortable for your child.

The first suggestion is that you vacate all things inside the room. Remove cabinets, furniture and any other things from the room. Having the room emptied will allow you a blank canvas to plan the arrangement and organization of your kid’s stuffs, cabinets and the like.

Have an organize list of all your child’s toys and stuffs. By this way, you can easily manage it to separate into clusters. Finalize the stuffs necessary to be inside the room and decide to take away anything that does not needed to be in the room. Those things that are taken away may include trashes, such as torn clothing or broken toys.

If you plan to put furniture, then arrange them in a manner that permits the most open floor area possible or simply maximize the floor area available. To reduce the chance of your child rolling out of the bed, you may push the bed against the wall in such a manner that there is a one side barrier on the bed. Putting furniture may not be necessary. Just utilize what your child actually needs to save space.

Trends and tips for painting your house

Trends and tips for painting your houseExterior paint for your house matters significantly because it is the very first thing that will be noticed by your visitors and guests. Picking your favorite color for the exterior paint of your house is not the only factor to be considered. It is also important to consider the surroundings of your house and its architecture as well. But if you are new to this thing, you can follow some of the common styles and trends for selecting exterior paint for your house.

The White Effect | White color paint is the color that is likely to be both catchy and neutral. Since white is a neutral color, it can be combined or mixed with any other color in any combination you want. If you want to add a pleasing effect to your house, then you can paint white color to its features like the vertical edges of the roof, window ledges, and pipes and drains.

Bricks and Stones | This style is usually used in several old-styled houses to have a nostalgic look on it. Using a more appropriate color of paint and shades will make the look even more nostalgic. You can paint your roof with gray or white, or with a deep dark red paint. The windows and its shutters can be painted in darker shades like dark gray or dark green. If you have wooden windows, you can paint them with polished brown and can be varnished to have a classical look. For the major part of the exterior walls, it can be painted with white in an externally light yellow or a light creamy shade of white.

Three Color Combinations | This is used by several people because of the coolness it brings to the house. But it is important to note that the three colors should not be related with each other nor should they be shades of each other. The first color should have a lighter shade. The second should be deeper and in shades of orange and red. The third color should be darker like navy blue, dark gray, black, or dark green.

Use of Two Light Shades | This style is typically used in older and bigger houses, especially to suburban houses. You just have to choose one light color, white tinted shade like very, very light yellow and another same color, if possible white itself.

Choosing longevity over paint color

Choosing longevity over paint colorExterior painting is a major investment for your home so you want to make sure it will be able to sustain for manyyears. Most of the time, we only consider the color we want to paint in our home. And while it is an important and a powerful tool, the most essential thing to think about is longevity.

You have to be aware of certain limitations of some colors. For all we know, certain colors are not recommended for exterior use. These colors are alkali-sensitive and should not be applied on alkaline services. You can check symbols and icons that provide this information on the paint cans.

You must also think of how exposed that surface will be. Direct exposure will surely have the greatest color loss problems. Most UV light is exposed to southern parts.

Most colors tend to fade quickly than others. Colors tagged as inorganic such as tans, browns, beiges, and other earth-tone colors are more stable as exterior paints. Color pigments in inorganic colors are less likely to break down.But organic colors like blue, red, green, and yellow have color pigments that easily break down especially in hot and dry climates.

And of course, always use high-quality paints so you’re sure it has superior color retention. Quality paints have better adhesion to surface than others. They are also more resistant to chalking. So, take time to select the paint color for your house before you spend more effort and money on choosing again next time.

Paint your front Door

Paint your front DoorAdmit it or not, people first get attracted to the exterior of a home. If you want to improve your house or has plans on selling it, the very first thing you want to work out is its curb appeal. This can be done by sprinkling some love on your front door.

Painting the front door is one of the most low-cost projects you can craft up. Without making a major transformation to the exterior of your home, you will certainly be able to express a new style. If you’re into decorating your porches for the season, a painted door can become a great backdrop for any theme.

You can do the painting by yourself or have a professional take over. If you plan to save cost and explore your painting skills, you may turn to great tutorials available on video sites. They will give a step-by-step guide on how to get things done. Whether you plan to have this on your own or have a professional painter, the first thing you need to consider is the color. Before getting excited with the opportunity of playing up with colors, look at the things around and consider them before painting your front door.

Think of the main color of your house and the trims, the accessories you have, the color of the porch surface, the flowers blooming at your garden, and the overall style of your house before choosing a color. Some of the favourites are Wasabi, Buttered Yam, Skydive, and Chambourd from Benjamin Moore. Be sure to acquire sample colors before committing to one.

The Best Color for Your Interior Walls

The Best Color for Your Interior WallsDo you want to know the best paint colors and combinations for your living room? There are various choices to choose from when deciding to paint the interior of your house, especially when it’s your living room. It is the first place seen by your visitors, so it should get some good compliments. Painting it with the right paint color will give it a life, putting an aesthetic element to it.

There are two types of paint colors – the cool colors and the warm colors. Warm colors are not a good choice for almost everyone who wants to paint the interior of their house. However, you may be the one who is in for a deep ocean blue or green color. On the other hand, most people go for cool colors. These colors give a relaxing feeling to the entirety of the room.

Let us dig deeper to these colors.

COOL COLORS | These colors help you to ease up when you go into a room painted with such colors. It is convenient to choose such type of color because they are easy to pick and you can not go wrong with them. If you want your paint to fit in all seasons, the best preference could be evergreen colors similar to pastel colors. You can choose light mud brown colors, light green, light orange, and shades of pale yellow. You can also pick colors like dark champagne color, cyan, light rose, tangerine, coral shades, and peach. Even though pink, shades of pink, lilac and taupe color are cool colors, best to avoid these colors because it gives a dirty look to your room.

WARM COLORS | Golden shades of yellow is the top choice when you want to paint your room with a warm color. Yellow gives warmth and calmness to your room. You can also choose turquoise, violet or gray, which can add luminance and grandeur to the room. Some of the choices also include terra cotta, chestnut, brass, or khaki colors. Even though red is the warmest of all colors, it should never be your choice of paint color because it is very harsh to the eyes. You may want o mix red with other colors such as white, peach, or any other lighter shade to get a lighter color of crimson or scarlet.

Design ideas for Your Inner Sanctum: Creativity Applied on Your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered as the most comfy place in the house. It simply is the most common comfort zone in the house because you can have the privacy you want to have. So giving your bedroom a make-over and beautify it will reveal a more pleasant inner sanctum of your own. There are a lot of different ways where you can redecorate your bedroom. You can give a new look, especially to your bedroom walls, by applying wallpaper, painting it, or by faux finishing and the like.

Selecting a design for you wall can go from a cool bedroom to an exotic one. You can choose from your favorite shades and complement them with the kind of theme you want for your bedroom.


If you do not have enough time to pattern up color and designs for your room, then decorating your walls with wall paper is the perfect approach for you. A variety of wallpaper designs are accessible in the market. This is a novel way of styling your bedroom. Designs can go from polka dots to scenery, landscapes to historical pictures and so on.


Using a combination of colors is a very exciting activity to design your bedroom wall. Since the bedroom is your personal comfort zone, you must keep in mind to choose the right color, which fits perfectly with your personality.

When picking the color for your wall paint, do not just stick to one shade and have the same color painted on the walls. You can contrast the colors you chose or have a combination of different shades of one color or whichever way you want.


Some of the few distinctive techniques of faux finishing your wall are sponging, glazing, and having that metallic effect. This type of design adds a custom look for your bedroom walls. If you want an easy job, then you can apply sponging on your walls. For glazing, you must first apply a base coat of the same shade on your walls and let it dry. When it dries, apply glaze paint. When you want a metallic effect, paint your walls with metallic color paint with satin or semi-gloss base coat. To add creativity, you may want to draw different geometric shapes or alternate stripes.

I paint the garage door or not?

Should I paint the garage door or not?Most of us mistakenly underestimate the importance of having a nicely-painted garage. Having that area is great but can be a challenge for design. You wouldn’t want to leave a rugged-looking space in your wonderfully-painted house. But you wouldn’t want your garage to dominate the front of your house either.

Garage doors should be considered an architectural detail we can use to complement the main color of our home. It is important that they look good without overpowering the main attraction. In painting garage doors, here are few things you should consider:

Paint the garage door with the same color as the house. Doing so will help your home look larger. If you want to keep them from standing out, avoid painting it with trim colors.

Match the garage door trim the same as the door or the same as the trim of the house. It looks better either way depending on your style. Just make sure not to use an overly contrasting color.

Never paint the garage doors with the same color of as the front door. This will erase the façade of the home, drawing attention to the garage doors and not the main door.

Don’t paint it in more than one color. Highlighting the details of a standard garage door is not appropriate.

However, if the house is made of brick, rather than choosing the same color as the brick, you can identify the color cast of the brick and use it as a guide in choosing a paint color for the garage door. The most common cast color of a red brick is gold, gray, or beige. You may choose a shade of beige as the garage door color. In this way, you’re sure that the siding and the garage door will harmonize with your home.

An interesting front door, lighting, bench, plants, and flowers will be good ideas to draw the attention away from the garage door to the main entry.

Paint Your House With Creative Color Designs

Paint Your House With Creative Color DesignsPainting the interior part of your house is a way of enhancing its look. You can give it any type of effect or any look you want. A person’s personality can be a basis to have an idea for painting the house. It can be subtle or it can also be bold and expressive.

You can always have your own color designs when it comes to the interior painting of your house. You can paint your walls, floors, and ceilings not just with plain paint colors, but also with different patterns and schemes, so that it will make your house more stylish and elegant.

Combinations of Colors

One of the most famous house painting ideas is painting an accent wall. It completely changes the look of the room or your entire house, thus making it more stylish. The accent wall idea is an excellent one, more especially when you color one wall with neutral and light shades while the other walls can have bold and contrasting color. This will have a closer attention to people and will definitely stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, a two-toned wall is also a great choice. It is simple yet effective idea in making your color design a little bit different. You can do this by painting the bottom part of the wall with a dark shade then the remaining top part will be painted with a shade that is two to three tones lighter compared to the shade painted on the bottom part. For small rooms, visual effects like brick or tile patterns can be effective. For large rooms, you can have stripes, lines or any shapes on the wall.

Effects for Interior Color Designs

Different color designs in return give different effects to the look of your house. Techniques like ragging, faux painting, and color washing to have that exciting and unique look for your house.

Ragging| This technique is good for walls that had ‘orange peel’ texture or walls that need repairs.

Faux Painting or Finishing| This technique is done by wiping a lighter shade on a darker color. This will compliment very well if the rest of the interior designing is just plain and regular.

Color Washing| This technique is good if you want to achieve a subtle and more elusive effect. This is done by painting the wall in a dark shade and then using the same shade; make the paint thinner with water. Use six parts of water with only one part of paint. After this, apply the diluted paint on the wall in a crisscross pattern. Let it dry overnight. Repeat the process again the next day.

Trendy colors

Color trends make the home more stylish and modern. More often, it is a connotation of outside influences like fashion, business, politics, economic status and global events. Personality of the homeowner can also manipulate house painting.

Palettes turn into bright and loud colors when the happenings in society tend to boost confidence. During downtime, it suggests more plain, calm and safe shades.

Change house painting with trending colors for 2012. Benjamin Moore, an expert of colors, said that soft and safe colors are in for this year. Designs seek for “calmness, tried-and-true, and trust,” Moore noted.

Top colors for this year include soft neutrals, gray, blue, earthly and ruddy.

Neutrals like white is in a relationship with the public for a lifetime. Its popularity is never faded. The style is always in. Shades such as Pashima, Refined, White Dove and Ballet White are recommended to make your house appear cozy and ventilated.

Gray is hot for this group. Revere Pewter, Nimbus Gray, Stardust and Sharkskin have soft and smoky shades that add little life to plain neutral motif.

Wythe Blue, Amethyst Shadow and Montpelier are modern blue colors. The first stands out among the three. The second has an influence of purple which broadens gray scale. It is a combination of blue and purple. The last one comes out with a “timeless quality.” Gray tone is more apparent with steely appearance.

Earthly hues are the safest play for 2012 trend. Fresh Olive, Masada, Dunmore Cream and Farm Fresh make the theme complete. According to experts, unstable economy contributes to this category.

Urban residences always go for ruddy and kicking tones. Perhaps, it is an implication of their very active and fast-paced lifestyle. Persimmon and Gypsy Love provides burst strong hues that heighten crowd’s energy.

Flatter your guests as they enter the bathroom

The goal of having a guest bath is to flatter anyone who looks at themselves by creating a backdrop. This backdrop is basically formed with colors. With that in our minds, we must consider tones which look fresh and natural.

Many designers claim the use of skintone-inspired colors to be good for guest toilet. These tints include warm beige to soft tan or peach to pink. These colors flatter anyone regardless of their natural skin color.

If that toilet is for hair salons and other establishments, the pinky-peach route is best. If surrounded by this color, most people will look great and feel great when they see themselves in the mirror. This is mostly recommended for people whose business is to make people look good. Certainly, a woman would love to glance at her freshly styled hair.

You can also consider turquoise which does the same to people. However, this color scheme may be quite hard to decorate.

A decorating statement will make a big difference to your chosen color scheme. It enriches and accentuates the whole ambiance of the guest bath. For instance, a darker shade of pink vase in contrast to the beige wall would make your guest room a little jewel. You can also do those to wall patterns.

Also consider the size of the room. Very vibrant colors may bounce off the walls of a small-size room. If you want to put a bold or bright color, consider putting it on just one side or in an accessory or an artwork.

Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your Kitchen

Decorating a room in your house can be really challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the best paint color for the room. You are given a lot of choices and you are bound to choose the right and the best paint color.

One of the rooms that are difficult to decorate is the kitchen.

When you decide what color you must paint in your kitchen, you must also take into consideration the kitchen’s size, the other colors painted in the room and of course your personal preference.

To help you choose the right and best paint color, here are the top three choices of interior paint color suited for your kitchen.

Light Blue

The cooling effect of this color functions as a balance, especially for a crowded kitchen. It can also add contrast in opposition to the warm-hued cabinetry. When combined with a small amount of green or gray hues, these will appear stunning and dazzling, particularly in a well-lit kitchen.


When painted with yellow color, your kitchen will have a cheery and cozy effect. This will reflect to other warm cool and light colors found around the kitchen. Visually, bright-colored yellows are awesome. Lighter and muted shades of yellow appear to be sunny-like without causing you headaches. Yellow, when combined with white furnishings, it will look elegant and will add a welcoming approach


While light blue and yellow are known to be the best paint colors for a kitchen, nothing beats white as the most-in-style for a kitchen color choice. This color allows the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops noticeable. Also, this choice of paint color creates a clean look, which is suitable for a busy kitchen. White paint color combined with yellow or other warm hued accessories or furnishings will add life to the kitchen. A good alternative for white paint color, if it seems too dry, is cream or off-white paint color.

Make your house stylish, choose the best paint colors

Choosing the right paint colors for your house is not easy. It needs to be thoroughly thought of. One often needs to brain storm. It is a big deal because wrong colors make your house unattractive, flat, dull and featureless. Of course, you want your visitors to admire how you style and play with colors. You want them to feel comfortable. Thus, colors must be carefully chosen.

If you are tasked to restore your ancestral home, then you choose an accurate scheme of color. It could relate to the home’s history. More often, minimalist and simple paint colors are applied. It could be white, cream or maple.

Feel and experience nature. You can borrow ideas from it. Shades of brown and green create a relaxing mood. Beach-like theme is also applicable. Coral colors, vivid blue, blue-green and turquoise can be applied.

Also, consider the look of your furniture. You may want to harmonize with it. If it comes with bright color, then you can simplify your wall paintings to something lighter. Too much brightness hurts the eye. It can also disturb concentration.

Dark colors will do. They make the area smaller but create a little drama or mystery. If you desire that kind of effect, then go for it.

There is nothing wrong with combining contrasting colors. It actually connotes energy and activeness. But, it is a difficult task because it can lead to extreme contrast. It can distract important details of your home. If you’re not really confident, then stick to a single color scheme. It is safer to be in that way.

Find out the best color for your bathroom

Did you know that colors affect and influence our brain waves, nervous system, and even hormonal activities? This is why it is important to consider the best hue for our bathroom to achieve that refreshing and clean feeling after using it. But oftentimes, we have neglected the chance of choosing a painting color for this significant part in our house.

There are boundless possibilities when picking up a paint color for a bathroom. The first and most common step is to determine what color do you like?

But having a single favourite is quite far behind us now, we can like one hue for shoes but not like it on our walls. So, to specify the question, how do we choose the best color for our bathroom?

One of the best ways is to look for an inspiration. A throw pillow you love? Perhaps, a favourite painting? Or a wonderful flower? Most or everything in your house has color. The reason you probably chose it is because you found it appealing.

You can also start looking out for bathroom accessories. Then, pull out a color hue from them and coordinate on the walls of your bathroom. But you can also try choosing the exact opposite color of the décor (check out the color wheel for reference). With this, you’re sure that your accessories will stand out. An orange towel will look vibrant in a blue wall; a yellow curtain will look bright as the sun in a violet wall.

But to make things easier, choose the first one you think about. Most often, we have to trust our instincts.

Have Fun With Hues That Enhance Your Solid Wood Furnishings

When you are decorating or in case you’re re-decorating you have to keep all home furniture under consideration. Wooden household furniture in any case serves equally ornamental and practical purposes at home. Continue reading if you’d like to know more regarding color schemes and the ways to utilize them for your benefit. You’ll soon find yourself dreaming about your perfect home.

Let’s begin with wall color. Everything depends upon how you like your rooms to be displayed, but many people will want these to be bright and airy. So for walls often a light color accompanied by a highlight wall to make the best from the architecture in your home, will do the trick. Based on what kind of solid wood furniture you have, you may want to choose between warmer or colder colors. Many people feel walls ought to be kept as basic as possible if you want to keep a busy decorating scheme with fabrics as well as other easy game changers, however, if you’re going with the minimalist look I recommend investing some time to produce the walls exciting.

Fabric is one other big player in the decor of your house. Think of all the places in which you wish to introduce fabric to brighten up or match with all your solid wood furnishings. Simply the texture distinctions between fabric and wood make them a match made in heaven. And once again all this will depend on the kind of solid wood pieces of furniture to choose the perfect fabric that should complement your furnishings. In case you have a lot of pine and light stains; I suggest employing a combination of reds, yellows and oranges, nevertheless, you may add on some blues that will brighten up the place a good deal. Though with darker stains I personally favor much cooler colors that draw out the grain of the wood.

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